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image of Grant Trevithick What made Grant Trevithick write? Raised in El Paso, Texas, Grant was a typical young boy playing little league baseball while his dad coached. Grant says, “While growing up, I was always a science nut, highly inquisitive about everything, and a voracious reader." But after his divorce at age 29, he began a systematic search to find an explanation for God and “how to win at the game of life."

While Grant wrote any of his books, he virtually took the same journey as his readers. Writing the book forced him to examine his life at great depth and discover areas where he could apply his own teachings. While writing, Grant imagined his readers discovering that they had the power to create the greatest life they could imagine. The more he wrote, the greater his passion and dedication grew about making a difference in people’s lives.

Grant has achieved a fulfilling life in the tough crucible of the corporate world for more than twenty years. He was an account director with EDS, then he became Finance Director for AT&T. Outside the corporate realm, Grant Trevithick has earned the status of certified Master Prosperity Teacher and certified Fire Walking Instructor.

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Christopher M. Clark
Professor of Education, University of Delaware

Quantum Power of Thought provides a thought-provoking and fascinating perspective of the human condition. This book is full of optimism about our human capacity to change, to grow, and to lead more satisfying lives. This is MUST read for everyone.

Catherine Morris
Facilities Director, Supervisor, VHA Southwest

The Cosmic Puzzle is simply brilliant. The author carefully and thoughtfully answers all those questions that have bugged me my entire life. “If God is so powerful, why does He allow evil to harm his Children?” He even proves a solid foundation of scientific proof that the Bible and other religious and spiritual books are based on scientific facts; and most importantly, how we can take this knowledge and use it today to create a much greater life that I could have ever imagined. Great Book! I would recommend it to anyone looking for the meaning of life, or even how to improve theirs.

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